Besides its own projects i.e. TAS and RUSLEP, HDF has been implementing a number of projects in various sectors through partner organizations in different parts of the country. It has been working in the following areas:

  1. Education: Formal and Non-Formal
  2. Health: Mother and Child Health Program, Disability programme.
  3. Water & Sanitation
  4. Agriculture
  5. Rehabilitation: for the children, orphans and old people
  6. Solar Energy
  7. Women Empowerment
  8. Technical and Vocational Training
  9. Environment
  10. Research, printing and publishing

Management of Supporting Projects:

In order to assess the submitted project proposals and to help the Governing Board to find out the suitable partner organizations to be supported financially, the Foundation has a committee, namely, the Project Appraisal Committee (PAC). The committee is formed by the Governing Board, every two years, with its respectable members. The Committee evaluates the importance of the submitted project proposals through necessary investigation and finally recommends the Governing Board for approval or rejection of the proposals.

The Present PAC Committee:

  1. Dr. Hamida Akhtar Begum - Chairman
  2. Ms. Khushi Kabir - Member
  3. Mr. Khondkar Ibrahim Khaled (*deceased) - Member
  4. Dr. Ayesha Banu - Member

Project Submission Procedure:

A detailed project proposal has to be submitted to the Executive Director of Human Development Foundation. We accept project proposal round the year and hence there is no submission deadline. For a proper understanding of the implementing organization, we require the following documents along with the project proposal:

  1. Copy of Organization Profile (including Management, source of fund, activities etc.)
  2. Copy of Registration Certificate
  3. Copy of last Annual Report
  4. Copy of last Audit Report

To note, ultimate decision to approve or deny any proposal lies solely with our Governing Board. Any persuasion will be treated as a weak point of the organization.